Whirlpool 200 L 4 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (215 Vitamagic Pro Roy, Alpha Steel)

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  • Auto Defrost Technology
  • 6th Sense Vitamagic Technology
  • Insulated Capillary Technology
  • Advance Moisture Control Knob
  • Stabilizer Free Operation

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Enjoy convenient storage and efficient cooling with the amazing Whirlpool 215 Vitamagic Pro Roy Direct Cool Refrigerator. Now experience the magic of Auto Defrost Technology powered by 6th Sense Vitamagic Technology and IntelliFrost Technology, the all new technology cools intuitively and defrosts intelligently with the help of a temperature sensor to give a better refrigeration experience. Powered by the 6th Sense Vitamagic Technology and patented Zeolite Technology, it prevents over ripening and ensures up to 40% longer vitamin preservation in vegetables. You can also get up to 12 days of Garden Freshness with 6th Sense Vitamagic Technology. This technology not only preserves nutrients but also maintains an ideal condition for vegetables to stay garden fresh for up to 12 days.

Best in Class Performance

The all new Whirlpool 215 Vitamagic Pro Roy Direct Cool Refrigerator comes jam-packed with absolutely top notch features. With the new Laminar Air Flow and insulated Capillary Technology and powerful compressor in this Whirlpool refrigerator makes ice faster than any other products in its class so that you are never short of ice. The new Ice Magic refrigerator, powered by 6th Sense Vitamagic Technology and Insulated Capillary Technology ensures that cooling stays locked inside, retaining it for up to 12 Hours. This means you can enjoy cold beverages even during long power cuts. The magic chiller and laminar air flow ensure that your milk does not spoil even after 12 hours of power cut. India’s only easy access fruit crisper and vegetable crisper with MicroBlock technology prevents 99% bacterial growth and keeps the freshness of your fruits intact for up to 12 days. It comes with advanced moisture control knob with Zeolite Technology. It comes with an Unique Crisper with an Advanced Moisture Control knob and in-built Freshonizer with 4 modes which help maintain optimum moisture in your vegetables and keeps them fresh for a longer duration.

An Assortment of Features

Get acquainted with nothing but top notch performance with the all new Whirlpool 215 Vitamagic Pro Roy Direct Cool Refrigerator. It comes with a large crisper capacity of 14.6 liters. The combination of Fruit and Vegetable Crisper ensures the largest storage for fresh and healthy fruits and vegetables. The all-new magic chiller with easy slide action, that chills your bottles quickly. Large Freezer with Stackable Ice trays ensures maximum freezer space. This refrigerator comes with UI on the door and Intuitive controls. There is a Vitamagic LED as well to indicate freshness inside. All these features and so much more makes this an absolutely perfect refrigerator option for you.




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