Siemens 8Kg/5Kg WD15G460IN Fully Automatic Front Loading Washer Dryer (White)

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  • iQdrive Motor & Auto Dry
  • 8Kg Washing & 5Kg Drying Capacity
  • Variosoft Drum & Rinse+
  • Multiple Water Protection
  • 100% drying capacity

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The Siemens WD15G460IN 8Kg/5Kg Fully Automatic Front Load Washer Dryer thoroughly cleans your clothes while retains their fabric quality. It features iQdrive motor, speedPerfect, ecoPerfect, continuous wash and dry programme, reload function, air condensation technology, self-cleaning condenser, auto dry, variosoft drum, circulatory sensor and lots more.


The Siemens WD15G460IN 8Kg/5Kg Fully Automatic Front Loading Washer Dryer features white coloured body that gives clean and unique look and its door opens wider, so its significantly easier to load and unload clothes. Its transparent lid lets you easily view your clothes inside the machine without opening the lid. Its LED display with touch control panel enables easy operation and indicates the set wash program and avoids unintentional adjustment. Its sidewalls feature antivibration design that increases stability and reduces vibrations.

Spotless Cleaning & Sunless Drying

The Siemens WD15G460IN Fully Automatic Front Load Washer Dryer’s iQdrive motor ensures low power consumption and noise less operation with its innovative motor technology delivering energy efficiency, speed and durability. It belongs to the energy efficiency class A, which means that it uses less electricity for its functioning. The speedPerfect gives you an option to wash your laundry up to 65% faster without compromising the washing performance. The ecoPerfect lets you save energy consumption by 50%. This ecoPerfect automatically adjusts the wash cycle and lowers the water temperature to wash any load volume using even less energy. The continuous wash and dry programme allows you to wash and dry your clothes with a maximum load capacity of 5Kg within an hour in a continuous sequence and gives you perfectly dry and ready to wear clothes. The reload function enables you to open the door early in the cycle to add or remove laundry. The variosoft drum features a teardrop-shaped drum surface with asymmetric paddles that makes precise textile movement with maximum gentleness for perfect and intensive wash results every time. This washer dryer uses air condensation technology that uses the room temperature air to cool down the condenser instead of water, saving up to 40 litres of water. The autodry feature senses the level of humidity inside the dryer and gives you completely dried clothes. The foam detection system detects the water level of a drum in dewatering course and determines whether foam formed in dewatering course or not and initiates rinse again. Its multiple water protection prevents water leakage with its supply hose designed to withstand 7 times normal water pressure. Its special programmes for washing includes fluff clean, delicate (silk), wool super 15, wash&dry 60�, Mix and Shirts / Business. And the special drying programmes are intensive dry and gentle dry.


The Siemens WD15G460IN Fully Automatic Front Load Washer Dryer ensures sensible cleaning and drying of clothes and removes dirt and dust from clothes, thereby leaving them clean, dry, fresh and sparkling like new.





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