Liebherr 220 L 5 Star Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (Dss 2220, Stainless Steel)

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  • LED Lights interior
  • 220 Liter capacity
  • 5 Star energy rating
  • Toughened glass shelves
  • HardLine European design

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Bring home the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator and prevent your food and edibles from being wasted or spoilt. The Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator has been designed to give you utility with a premium quality look to your home or kitchen depending on where it would be placed at your home. The minimum fingerprint mark of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator makes it look smooth glossy and imparts a superior quality look to your home. The inbuilt stabilizing circuit make it safe and durable to the voltage fluctuation of the household current without effecting the working of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator.

Tough glass shelves with Large capacity

The design of the interior of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator made with precision to suit the versatility of its users. The shelves are made with toughened glass that are cut in a neat moon cut design to shift the shelves with the needs of the user without having to take the entire shelf out. This ergonomic design makes the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator simple and easy to accommodate 220 Litre of food and beverages for storage. The toughened glass shelves are made with the strength to withstand 150 kgs of weight on it, even though that pressure is never usually exerted on the shelf but the glass will not shatter under normal circumstances of food storage.

Energy Efficient

The interior of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator has LED lights that illuminate the interior of the refrigerator to help you take out food at night or inadequate conditions of light for good visibility. The inbuilt surge protection mechanism of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator protects it from power surges and low voltages. It has been marked 5 Star in term of energy efficiency and consumption which helps the user to save on the electricity bill each month.

Fine HardLine Design

The European HardLine design makes the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator look superior in the kitchen or the dining room. The designs have been given keeping in mind the looks and the functionality of the Liebherr Dss 2220 Refrigerator. The smooth door has a finish that impart sophisticated looks also has minimal fingerprint holding capacity on the surface.




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