KINDLE Oasis Wifi+3G 32GB BLK

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  • 32 GB Storage Capacity
  • 3G And Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • Built-In Adjustable Light
  • Built-In Dictionary
  • Waterproof Design

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The Kindle Oasis E-reader is sure to make you fall in love with reading all over again as you can choose from a wide range of e-books with the prime subscription ranging from romance, comedy, action-adventure and a wide range of genres including the classics to suit your needs and reading preferences. The WiFi connectivity gives you access to a number of extra books while the 3G cellular connectivity allows you to download books even when there is no WiFi connectivity. The high resolution crisp display allows you to enjoy reading without feeling any strain in your eyes while you can read for long periods of time as the powerful battery can last you weeks so that you do not need to take a break from your favourite novels. The adjustable built-in light ensures you can read in all kinds of lighting conditions while the ergonomic design and dedicated control buttons allow easy portability and control for a convenient reading experience.

Strain Free Reading

Problems arising from continuous glaring into screens are well documented and keeping that in mind, the Kindle Oasis E-reader ensures you have a comfortable reading experience without facing any health related issues. The glare free display ensures your eyes are not being strained while reading while the built-in adjustable light ensures you read on brightness levels according to your surroundings. The adjustable font size allows you to adjust the size of the text according to your needs which helps you to enjoy reading without missing a word and facing continuous eye strain. The High-resolution 300 ppi 7-inch display provides you with clear and crisp texts to give you the best reading experience ever.

Reading Redefined

With the amount of books the Kindle Oasis E-reader is capable of holding at one go, you are sure never to run out of books to read. You can choose from a wide range of books from all various kinds of genres by availing the prime membership. This not only clears up the stacks of books you have at home and allows you to carry all your favourite books on the palm of your hand. The e-reader reads like paper so that you do not miss the old charm of reading books while the built-in dictionary allows you to know meanings of words you do not understand which enhances your vocabulary and in turn improve your reading and speaking skills. The e-reader also allows you to make foot notes and know the meaning of certain words and passages in different languages thanks to its translation feature. The e-reader also allows you to time yourself which can help you increase your reading skills and speeds.

Sleek And Convenient Design

Apart from giving you a unique and modern reading experience, the Kindle Oasis E-reader comes in a very ergonomic design which facilitates easy reading and portability. The dual charging feature allows you to enjoy a battery life which lasts for months that your reading is never interrupted regularly. The e-reader is thinner than other alternatives while the strong cover glass and a featherweight frame infused with metal makes it durable in nature. The tapered ergonomic handgrip allows you to hold and maneuver the e-reader easily and the easy control buttons offer a user friendly experience.









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