Kent Prime Plus RO+UV+UF Water Purifier (White)

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Enjoy advanced water protection with the brilliant Kent Prime Plus Water Purifier that works efficiently to provide you easy access to pure drinking water at all times. It is an elegantly designed water purifier with superior technology. It sports a very interesting build and brings technology to the forefront. It displays quality of purified water in real time and also displays key parameters of water purifier like filter life, Mineral contents in purified water, Flow rate etc thus making sure you are aware of the condition of the purifier. Warning signs appear on screen and helps in trouble shooting. The Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Min) is 0.3 kg / cm square / 10°C. The Inlet Water Pressure/Temp (Max) : 4 kg / cm square / 40°C. The life of the UV Lamp is approximately 5000 hours of Operation.

Efficient Purification

The Kent Prime Plus Water Purifier provides you with crystal clear pure water that is safe from bacteria and other microbes which in turn helps in maintaining your health. During long periods of non-usage, the stored pure water may get infected again by bacteria and viruses in the kitchen. In order to prevent this the next gen Kent RO Water Purifier comes with UV-LED light protection in storage tank. Furthermore the UV-LED light ensures that purified water never gets further infected in storage tank. It acts as an extra layer of security and thus ensures that the customer gets completely pure water at all times.

Convenient Design

This Kent Prime Plus Water Purifier brings forth the patented TDS Control technology which retains essential natural minerals in purified water. It also helps recover more than 50% of inlet water as pure water and stores balance reject water in separate tank for alternate uses. The smart technological design in a sturdy and space saving build makes it an absolutely impeccable choice for you.



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