Kent Grand RO Plus Water Purifier (White)

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Powerful and Efficient
Kent brings you the World’s most technologically advanced water purifier. The Kent Grand Plus White provides the best quality protection to your family’s health using RO, UV and UF purification. This water purifier also has a built-in TDS controller which allows you to easily adjust the TDS of the water on the go.

The Kent Grand Plus has an elegant and space saving design. It can easily be wall mounted, which is best suited for Indian households. It features a transparent cover which allows you to easily see all the components in action. It also features an easy to read water level indicator for added convenience.

Stay Healthy and Protected
Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology in combination with UV and UF removes dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts. The TDS controller helps maintain natural mineral content in the purified water. This gives you 100% safe and great tasting drinking water.

The Kent Grand Plus is NSF and WQA Gold seal certified. These are one of the most recognized global certifications to prove why you can trust Kent for pure and safe drinking water. Kent is the first and only Indian company to have received NSF certification.

Intuitive Performance
This water purifier is fully automatic and switches on/off depending on the storage tank water levels. This gives you hassle free usage while providing savings on your electricity bills. All components are push fit to ensure leakage proof performance. The purifier is made of non-breakable Food grade ABS plastic that is safe to use.

Versatile Usage
This water purifier can be used to treat water from any water source, be it bore wells, tanks and even tap water. This ensures that even if your water supply changes. You just have to adjust the TDS controller to get the same great tasting and safe drinking water.

This water purifier contains a filter change alarm as well as UV fail alarm. They automatically cut the power supply to remove the chance of impure water being delivered to the user.





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