Bosch 7Kg Front Loading Condenser Tumble Dryer (WTG86409IN, Silver)

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  • Duo-Tronic Sensors
  • Quick Dry programmes: 15 min for shirts or 40 min for most laundry textiles
  • Low Noise Level and Minimal Vibration
  • Voltage: 220-240
  • AntiVibration Design

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The BOSCH 7 kg Condenser Dryer WTG86409IN is an exceptional piece of an appliance designed marvellously. On any day, washing clothes is a tedious process let alone drying it. You have to check so many factors to assure that the cloth is washed perfectly. Especially during winter, when the Sun is not out and you have an important meeting the next day for which you are all set and decided what to wear. Getting it ready, clean and tidy is a horrendous task. The BOSCH 7 kg Condenser Dryer WTG86409IN has been developed to address this issue. It has been tested extensively by finding out gargantuan differences between the fastest and the slowest machines and rectifying the discrepancies.

Significant Features

The BOSCH 7 kg Condenser Dryer WTG86409IN gives full hygiene protection for your family with its whole lot of features. The Duo-Tronic Sensors monitors moisture levels and temperature to reach desired levels of dryness without overheating the machine. The dry clothes are passed through sensitive drying system which combines warm air currents and a gentle drum structure. This prevents clothes not getting spoilt or shrunk because of the heating process. To reduce vibrations and ensure greater stability during the washing and spinning process, the side panels are designed with anti-vibration technology. The BOSCH 7 kg Condenser Dryer WTG86409IN comes with quick dry programmes which help in reducing the time taken for drying shirts to less than quarter of an hour and forty minutes for other laundry textiles. Also, due to the minimal vibrations as a result of the anti-vibration technology, the appliance works without making much noise. So you can peacefully carry on with your routine works without getting flustered by any noise. It is also fitted with fabric-friendly soft drying system that reduces the drying temperature and increases the cycle time thereby ensuring you get perfectly dry clothes without hurting the fabric.





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