Blue Star 285 litre Deep Freezer (CHFSD300DSW, White)

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  • Enhanced Power Saving
  • Compact Design with Twin Doors
  • Ideal for Mass Storage of Food Items
  • Impressive Capacity of 285L

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If you have had a high producing garden, you know that it can be next to impossible to keep up with those wonderful fruits and veggies during the eventful harvest time. Having a deep freezer at hand buys you some time in dealing with the produce. With a highly energy-efficient compressor, the Blue Star CHFSD300DSW 285L Deep Freezer stores a variety of food items that are too difficult to stock in your traditional refrigerator. Efficient and handy with a corrosion resistant body, this deep freezer flaunts cutting-edge technology and stellar features that guarantee long-lasting freshness. It boasts twin doors with lock system and recessed handles for convenience and safety.

Monstrous Storage

Whether you are hoping to get fortunate with markdowns at your local butcher’s counter or you have a habit of buying meat in bulk, you need somewhere to store that meat while you are waiting to use it. Make use of one side for vegetables and the other for storing raw meat. The Blue Star CHFSD300DSW 285L Deep Freezer is well-organized and you do not have to rack your brains on deciding where to keep which food item. This ergonomically designed freezer boasts a robust construction for heavy-duty use. The insulation efficiency of polyurethane foams in this deep freezer is a key property for maintaining the low-temperature preservation of food during storage and distribution to the consumer. Without the PUF insulation, most of the food would rot, heavily influencing our daily life. It saves trips to the market, allows you to go deep on your favorite space-hogging food and drinks, and affords you the one thing that all cooks crave – flexibility.






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